Prom Dresses 2013

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Prom Dresses 2013

The prom season is just around the corner. The quest to find the most exciting prom dresses 2013 is intensifying. What is in and what is out as millions of teenage girls are about to experience their first formal dress party? How to go about the often overwhelming process of finding a perfect prom dress?

This season, jewels are very much in style. Beads, sequins, rhinestones and anything else that glitters will find its way into most popular designs. Even simple models can be greatly enhanced by adding some sparkly embellishments. They do a great job attracting attention and building a dreamy atmosphere that the prom is usually expected to produce around a girl crossing this milestone. Tiffany Designs prom dress 16670 is a great example, with shirred empire bodice on a beaded halter strap and countless sequins. Combine it with matching gloves and you an outright stunner.

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Another trend to define this year's prom dress is the power of color. To stand out on the dance floor, many girls will go for bolder, stronger colors. Brightness is in fashion. It goes a long way towards highlighting your best attributes and enlivening your face. The prom court of 2013 will be a more colorful and confident place. Even pastel and white-dominated pieces will use color for effect in sashes, belts and other accessories. Look to Tiffany Designs prom dress 16665 for inspiration. Available in powerful amethyst or turquoise, this strapless sweetheart piece with a beaded bodice is sure to make you look great and feel confident on the prom night.

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Prom dresses featuring an asymmetrical hem will be all the rage this season. This simple design trick lends them an aura of rebelliousness and playfulness. They break conventions in many ways. They are ideal if you have legs to die for and you are not afraid to draw attention to them with innocent allure. Some ruffles on the skirt are bound to intensify the effect while foregrounding other assets. To see how you like this kind of style, check out Tiffany Designs prom dress 16682. It is a fabulous strapless piece with a hi-low ruffled skirt, available in orange and turquoise. It is sure to turn heads without really revealing very much.

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