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Prom Dresses to Dazzle

If you are a high school student, the day is sure to come when going to the prom will come up to the top of your agenda. Apart from finding the right partner to be by your side at this unique moment, it is the quest for the perfect prom dress that is sure to consume a lot of your energy.

The prom belongs to a short list of special occasions, together with quinceanera parties or wedding ceremonies, when you are not only allowed but required to dress to impress. It is about expressing your confidence and finding the right style to match your individuality. It is especially important considering that it is the event for the whole school and you will be around your peers. Why not take full advantage of this ceremony? Why not strut this platform with grace and in unique style? Here is where the most original and exquisite prom dresses can help a great deal.

Tiffany Designs is a designer label of House of Wu, a renowned fashion house specializing in bridal and special occasion fashion. We offer exciting collections of modern prom dresses that have been designed with creativity, style and individuality in mind.

See inside our online catalogs to find the prom dress to dazzle on this special night!

Are you looking for a princess style prom dress? Would you like to put on a baby doll persona and seeking prom dresses to match? Interested in something a bit more haute couture? From simple to sophisticated, from sweetheart to sassy, young women should be given the most complete choice there possibly is for this unique occasion. In the end, it is their day to shine and it is worth taking the effort to help them remember their prom party for what it should be an exciting turning point in their lives.

At Tiffany Designs, we are turning ideas inside out to come up with designs and styles that match today's prom tastes. We combine the spirit of this special occasion with our designers focus on originality, creativity and individuality. We take care to manufacture with spotless attention to detail. Our prom dresses are there to help girls feel great and dazzle.

We offer prom gowns for every body shape, style and budget. Take a look at our collections to explore the diversity of ideas and passion our designers put in creating outstanding pieces for special occasions.

House of Wu is also renowned for other special occasion pieces, like bridesmaid dresses.